Next generation milk and meat.

At All G Foods we know that proteins created through animal agriculture cannot feed the next generations of humans. That’s why our mission is to design a sustainable food future – one that is limitlessly good.

Our ambition is to become the largest alternative protein company in Asia-Pacific through leading technological innovations in creating next generation milk and meat.

Our two foundational technologies, precision fermentation and plant-protein will individually and through a combination of both streams create solutions to the growing protein gap. In turn, we’ll deliver innovative, affordable, delicious, nutritious and sustainable products that will entice and delight consumers. 

Welcome to a world where food is all good.

All G is a feel-good food challenger from Australia. We’re creating a positive food movement, dedicated to making food all good, for everyone and everything.

Our mission is to take the weight and heartache out of feeding our beautiful planet. The answer is delicious, nutritious, protein-packed and earth-friendly
plant-based food.

We believe we can feed the earth. It can be delicious. And we can make it all good.


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our mission

Science and technology. Unlocking the power of protein.

More food will need to be produced in the next 50 years, than in all human history. That’s why All G Foods is building best in class technology to accelerate protein development that has a sustainable footprint and scalable yields.

Our Research & Development team are globally recognised experts in their fields, and they are renowned for scientific outputs and product development. The team is passionate about solving the world’s toughest protein challenges with breath-taking ingenuity, creativity and speed.

Good vibes. Good tech. Good food.

All G Foods is about applying the best of food tech to the purpose of feeding the world deliciously and nutritiously through the potential of plants – our new food superpower.

All G Foods ‘Good Tech’ focuses on four all-good fundamentals: taste, nutrition, sustainability and scalability. 100% feel-good food that’s “all G” for our customers to eat.

Good Tech is simply unlocking what’s naturally there in abundance. We’re assembling the coolest, food loving and big picture people
on the planet with with the inspirational mission to make food all good

Good tech. that’s naturally good

We're backed by


We're backed by

Our team. Dreamers. Eaters. Adventurers. Believers. Do-gooders.

Meet the All G all stars. A rebel collection of life-loving earth-changing can-doers. Some call us chilled overachievers. Some technology geniuses. Some taste gurus. Some crazy girls and guys.

The truth is we’re all these things, in one.

Our Team. Our Culture.

The secret to All G Foods’s speedy success is the team. A rebel collection of life-loving, earth-changing, can-doers. Some call us overachievers. Some technology geniuses. Some taste gurus. Some crazy girls and guys.

The truth is we’re all these things, in one, and we’re unified in our belief that it takes all parts of All G Foods for us to be successful. From leading scientific breakthroughs, clever and insightful marketing, disruptive and category building sales, all measured and delivered by great execution and this is what makes All G Foods different to any other alternative protein company in Asia-Pacific.

We all have a track record of excellent knowledge, innovation and execution. No one is guessing at All G Foods, and this allows our dreams to become reality.  


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Limitlessly good.