The all g innovation centre.

All G Foods is opening new frontiers of food development to ensure we can feed our growing planet in a sustainable way and that’s why we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art research and development centre in Waterloo, Sydney.

This investment houses All G’s unparalleled team of global scientists and commercial team, bringing capability to accelerate the science behind our next generation meat and dairy projects. A hub to build and test new biotechnologies, the centre ensures ground-breaking science and new product development is at the heart of All G Foods.

The science behind all g.

Our plant-based and precision fermentation technologies will drive over 90% of alternative protein consumption in the future, and we intend to be the world leader in both.

We’ve formed an internationally renowned team featuring Metabolic and Proteomic Engineers, Synthetic Biologists, Bioprocess Engineers, Meat and Dairy Technologists, Flavour Chemists, Product-Design Specialists, and alongside our core team, we also work with global advisors – notably Dr Esteban Marcellin Saldana, expert in systems biology for optimising product yields and improving bioprocesses, Dr Carl Holt, the number 1 casein researcher in the world, and Dennis Forte, the leading extrusion expert in Asia-Pacific.

Next generation dairy.

The R&D team is accelerating the development of next generation dairy through the foundational technology, precision fermentation, which involves combining biology and big data to create dairy proteins. All G Foods is racing to crack the global scientific challenge of assembling a synthetic casein micelle at scale, which is imperative to match the true nutrition and functionality of traditional milk—the milk that is consumed by billions of people all around the world.

Within the precision fermentation realm, our unparalleled team of global scientists and partners are continually building and testing new biotechnologies that will one day be offered to Asia-Pacific consumers in brands and industries that require high quality whey and casein proteins.

Next generation meat.

Next Generation Meat is about innovative, disruptive plant-based alternatives to meat. This technology stream looks at the identification and assembly of plant-based proteins in differentiated formats. Through our Love BUDS range, flavour and colour development alongside product construction and manufacturing is combined to deliver plant-based protein in unique and delicious forms.

With a mission to challenge and dominate the flexitarian food movement in Australia, Love BUDS has already successfully launched in IGA’s and over 500+ foodservice venues nationally. We believe the brand’s fast innovation pipeline of best-in-class products will continue to drive further revenue and differentiation in local and global markets.